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....  a few comments from readers, reviewers, Jensen fans and ex-factory employees

“Richard Calver continues his epic history of Jensen with a handsome collection of around 300 Jensen service bulletins dating from 1964 to 1976 and relating to the V8 cars – Interceptor, FF and CV8. Jensen produced service bulletins for the British and US market, those in this collection are British although Calver plans a companion volume collecting together all the bulletins issued in the US by Kjell Qvale’s Jensen Motors Inc. Only 1000 copies of this sumptuous, leather-bound book will be printed, each copy coming with a numbered bookplate.”

“I received your book last week. Many thanks. I was tempted to write immediately but such a prompt reply would not and could not have been inappropriate. I recognise some of the bulletins I sent but to see them in this format, fully indexed, categorised in such a small volume is amazing. I have had several handbooks reproduced (at enormous cost) and can appreciate the time and effort that has been given to the choice and execution of the binding. My only observation is that (obviously) it looks new but that will quickly change as I use it for the purpose it was intended for. As with any good book it will be treated with care but will also improve with age.”

“I will always cherish this book along with the memories it has already begun to evoke of the cars, in what seems like a lifetime ago today! It will prove invaluable for reference purposes as I work through the project. Hopefully we can meet up again at some point and share a beer, or at least keep in touch for now. God only knows you must be a very patient man and a dedicated one to have compiled all of this, but at least someone did!”

“Many thanks indeed for the copy of your latest Jensen book — it is simply superb! You have achieved something very special and must be very proud of it. The printing, binding, choice of paper, even the end papers are all superb. I can only imagine the time & patience required for the collation, proof reading etc, that you must have put into this project, and I am very pleased to have played  a (very) small & minor role in such a marvellous project.”

“Great book!  I'm really enjoying it — thanks for all your work putting it together.”   

“Happy Christmas; absolutely love your book — it was my best present last year.”

“Many thanks for my Book no. 10, I really like it! A lot of interesting reading, and a good book to search after "how to do".”

“Today the book arrived in the Netherlands. My compliments, it is a great book.”

“I just got this morning your book and I would like to thank you very very much for this. The book is really very good, nicely presented and interesting. My compliments for it.”

“Yeah that bastard caught me short the other night, I thought it was Roger Climpson with the ‘Big Red Book’. Big Red Book alright bugger me but it was trikki Dikki Calvert with his latest. Good book though -- are you with me? ”

“Got my book yesterday, well packed and fast delivery! It is a stunning book, that I think all real Jensen enthusiast need, I am very happy to have one! Many thanks to you, for this great book!”

 “The quality of the book is just stunning and needless to say, if you are a serious Jensen enthusiast, then you need to purchase one. I heartily recommend it.”

“Got the book, thank you and it sure is fascinating to be able to glimpse what was going on at JML. I once visited the D-Day Museum at Bayeaux, which is rich with original memos from the people who were making all the decisions. At the entrance a sign suggested that the approximate visit would last two hours. Afer two hours, I hadn't even done 10% of it and had to go back the next day. Something tells me that your attention to detail is even more finely tuned.”

“Your massive Volume 1 of Jensen Service Bulletins arrived yesterday. Thank you very much. Most interesting to read some of the Bulletins — they bring back many memories. You have been very busy consolidating all the papers and it makes an interesting record … Hope all goes well for you in the pursuit of your further projects.”

“I am still going through the book and find it fantastic. Not only is it technically interesting but also giving changes of position etc. of the company technical staff gives it a day-to-day account of what went on. Most people I have showed it to say they will get one.”

"I have only recently read through the service bulletins tome (took me a long time to get around to it but I have plenty of excuses if necessary) and what a great book! Full of really useful information, and sufficiently interesting to actually read it as a book. Well OK I know it is a book, but for me it went beyond a technical reference document which surprised me. I'm so glad that you twisted my arm and forced me to buy it.


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