Tributes to the original Chassis Data book

Some of the more sacrilegious among my mates in the Jensen-owning community have described my databook as the Jensen "bible" and my goodself as the "god" of the Jensen world. Personally, I wouldn't go to such extremes but have a look at these unsolicited comments. Some of these are real rippers, especially when you consider I didn't have to pay for them.

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And from some of you who paid actual money for it ...

"Thank you very much for your extensive information. I think I now have a very clear image of how things went at that time. I think Jensen owners should be very grateful to have the opportunity to ask questions like I did to someone who has investigated the history of the brand so thoroughly as you did. And on top of that they should be even more grateful to find out that it seems that you never grow tired of taking the time to answering all those questions and always take those questions seriously. Again, thank you very much. You have been an enormous help to me, first by your book, second by the answers to my questions."

"I have now purchased a copy of your Chassis Data Book. A fascinating volume, and extremely good value given the lifetime of effort to put it together! Apart from being able to have a record of a car that is in your ownership, there's such a wealth of interesting facts which emerge from reading the listings of the others, thereby gaining an understanding the development of the marques. May I join the many enthusiasts in thanking you for putting such an excellent book together."

"First, let me THANK YOU for all of your hard work and dedication!! We (my brother and myself) have 5 Jensen Healeys between us and we are CONSTANTLY picking-up your chassis data book - CONSTANTLY! It's an incredibly useful source of information."

"Richard, for what it is worth, that bloody Chassis book is invaluable! Any tight wad who is looking at buying a car, and doesn’t want to shell out the money for your book is probably a dickhead."

"Can only imagine the time and work involved. Just know that the book is our bible! It's the first thing we grab when thinking or looking at Jensens, and perhaps the main reason for us owning. It's the history, the link with past (the "birth" certificate info if you will) and the active owner's club that keeps us going. The history and link are all because of you and the info you have provided. I'm sure the owner’s club is fueled greatly by your research and info as well."

"You are indeed relentlessly keeping records and I, for one, am deeply thankful.  Someone really needs to and for whatever reason, you’ve taken it up.  Look forward to meeting you f2f someday."

"Firstly may I congratulate you for the immense effort you have put in to create the Jensen Chassis Book which is now an invaluable reference source for us all."

" ... loved it, especially the wide format ... excellent ... amazing ... looking forward to the next volumes ... a tremendous job ... bloody terrific, a real credit to you ... really excellent, a tremendous amount of work ... an incredible work ... spent hours reading it, love it ...... bravo for an exceptional book ... an absolutely splendid book, you deserve the highest praise for what you are doing ... really appreciate what you are doing ... wish you well in your historic recording efforts ... you are to be congratulated ... an admirable project and I look forward immensely to the next volume."

And my all-time favourite? — "The mutt's plums!" Thanks Steve.

So what are you waiting for? Go get a copy!

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