Letters of authenticity

While most of my communication with owners these days happens by email, I am often asked for something more substantive.

Many people want a document they can add to their archive or display in a protective sleeve with the car.

As a result, from July 2018 I began offering letters of authenticity for any quoted Jensen chassis number.

The letters are composed individually with a view to making each one as accurate and as relevant as possible to the chassis in question. This takes time, more so than dashing off a quick email. As a result, there will be a charge for the letter service while the email service will remain free.

Typically, a letter of authenticity will be addressed personally to the owner and will run to about two or three pages. It will state the basic information known about the car which is taken from my reading of the original Service Department files, factory ledgers and other source documentation. To this will be added my appreciation of the vehicle in terms of its place in the production, relative scarcity, any particular history of note and anything I think might be of interest to the current owner. Obviously the amount of information available for a vehicle varies, depending on what remains in the various source documents and what type of car it is. However, rest assured that you will get as good a reading as I can give you from what I know after more than 30 years of research into the subject.

I don't keep vehicle histories so I cannot give you a full history of your car since it left the factory. This is something owners need to research for themselves. However, a letter of authenticity can provide an excellent starting point, can possibly help with licensing issues and in any event will be a nice thing to have with your car. In emails, I can sometimes add unofficially to what you get in the letter.

Letters are printed on quality paper, embossed with my archive seal, serially numbered and posted by airmail in a stiff protective mailer.

There is usually a demand for such letters and, as I have mentioned, it takes time to research and check each one, so allow a couple of weeks for delivery.

You can save some money if you want multiple letters mailed in the same envelope. The prices below indicate the cost for one letter (including airmail post). I have also shown the cost per letter for any additional letters sent in the same envelope.

If you want an archive letter, send your name, mailing address and the car's chassis number to me at tfmuch@bigpond.com. If there is anything in particular you would like me to check, I'll see what can be done or possibly make suggestions outside of the formal letter.

I will provide you with bank account details in the USA, UK, New Zealand or Australia so that you can make a direct deposit. Otherwise, I'll take a cheque/check or Paypal to tfmuch@bigpond.com.


Cost Each additional letter 
(up to 3 extras)
Australia A$60 A$30
United Kingdom 40 20
Europe 45 22.50
United States and Canada US$50 US$25
New Zealand NZ$70 NZ$35