Model histories

Back in my younger day, when I thought I knew it all, I wrote potted histories of the eight most common Jensen models for publication in the Australian club magazine, The Interceptor. This worthy publication, I might add, is still going strong and I'd urge those of you living down under (or anywhere else, for that matter) to think about joining the club and taking out a subscription. 

The guides soon proved of interest beyond the Antipodes and after a while I received requests for revisions to be published in the magazines of the British and United States Jensen clubs. Those were published during the mid-1990s.

Now that I have the web site up and running, I thought y'all might be interested in some further updates, as well as four new model guides. These smooth over previous inconsistencies, side-step the things I don't know anything about and generally try to make you believe I know what I'm talking about. 

OK, I'll leave that for you to decide — but in case you're interested, here are the newly-potted guides to the better known Jensen models.

Jensen-Healey Mk.1 (1972–73) Jensen Interceptor (1966–70)
Jensen-Healey Mk.2 (1973–75) Jensen Interceptor II (1969–71)
Jensen GT (1975–76) Jensen Interceptor III (1971–73)
Jensen SP (1971–73) Jensen Interceptor III (1974–76)
Jensen FF (1966–71) Jensen Interceptor Convertible (1974–76)
Jensen C-V8 (1962–66) Jensen Coupé (1975–76)