Jensen literature wanted

The amount of literature produced over the years by the Jensen factory is substantial. All items are collectable and worth saving as links to a bygone era.

Being one who values his history, I collect Jensen memorabilia of all kinds. That includes handbooks, shop manuals, parts catalogues, press releases, sales literature, books, pamphlets, cards, models, photos, slides, letters, warranties — you name it.

I've been collecting for a while so I already have specimens of many of the different items produced. Still I'm on the lookout for more, and also I'm interested in acquiring better specimens to replace some of the slightly dog-eared examples I have now. If you have Jensen literature for sale, drop me a line. I need to know exactly what you have, what condition it's in and how much you want for it.

As I said, I'm not after everything but let's see if there's scope for a little dealing here. The items I'm after include:

All pre-war handbooks, letters, photographs, service instructions, sales brochures
Leather samples books (some models)
Paint chip books (some models)
NEWS FROM JENSEN (1971 edition)
Torque (No. 4) House Magazine of Jensen Motors
Handbook PW and associated amendment sheets
Interceptor-6cyl and associated amendment sheets
Amendment sheets
for 541 handbook
541R and associated amendment sheets
541S (hardbound version) and associated amendment sheets
C-V8 II/III (card covers, 383 ci engine edition)
Handbook Interceptor I (maroon hardcover, 51pp edition)
The Jensen FF II Supplement (November 1970)
The Jensen FF III Supplement (July 1971)
Interceptor III (green hardcover, 1972 edition, 55pp)
Handbook Interceptor III (1975 And Previous, December 1974 edition, 72pp)
SP (1971)
Handbook Jensen-Healey (April 1972)
Handbook Jensen-Healey (December 1974, without wiring diagram)
GT (USA Edition 94664)
Maintenance Schedule 1973-74 Jensen-Healey
Maintenance Schedule
1975 Jensen-Healey (European or USA edition)
Service Vouchers Jensen-Healey, May 1972 and December 1972
Routine Service Vouchers Interceptor II and FF II ( red covers)
Routine Service Vouchers Interceptor III, FF III and SP (blue or turquoise covers)
Supplementary Routine Service Voucher
Interceptor III (March 1974)
Supplementary Routine Services for Jensen Interceptor Convertible
(March 1974)
1973-74 Maintenance Schedule Interceptor III, US Part No. A0020
1975 Maintenance Schedule Interceptor III & Convertible, December 1974, US Part No. A0021
List of Officially Appointed Distributors and Dealers (1969 and then 4th, 8th, 9th, 11th editions)
Official Distributors and Dealers Jensen Healey (1st, 2nd, 3rd editions)
leaflets (most models)
Parts List Jen-Tug, JNSN, 541, C-V8 (originals only)
Parts List Interceptor & FF
Parts List Interceptor II & FF II with orange inserts for Mk III models
Parts Catalogue Interceptor II & FF II (February 1971, reprinted 1975)
Parts List Interceptor III, FF III & SP
Parts List Supplement Interceptor III, FF III & SP (April 1973)
Parts Catalogue Interceptor III, FF III & SP (pre-1985 editions)
Parts Catalogue Jensen-Healey (1st and 2nd editions)
Parts Catalogue Supplement Jensen Motors Inc Jensen-Healey (Warranty Policy & Procedure Manual)
75 Engine Parts List
Jensen Healey and GT
Workshop Manual
for Interceptor and FF (dark green ring binder)
Workshop Manual
for Interceptor II and FF II (includes yellow pages updating to the Mk III models)
Workshop Manual Supplement
Jensen Convertible yellow paper
Workshop Manual Supplement
Jensen Interceptor (including 1974 and SP) orange paper
Workshop Manual
Interceptor III, FF III & SP (March 1976)
Workshop Notes, Chrysler Components 1973 (original only)
Workshop Manual, Chrysler Components 1974 (original only)
Service Repair Times Jensen–Healey (2nd, 3rd and 4th editions), part JH001K
Interceptor Service Repair Times, part JI001K
Interceptor: Emergency Procedures for Chrysler Components, part JI004K
Jensen Healey Service Bulletins, black vinyl 3-ring binder with gold lettering

There are other items I am interested in — see list of Service and Parts Bulletins on the Ongoing research page — but these are the more obvious ones. 

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