Jensen Owners' Club

The world's first Jensen club was founded in 1971, principally to cater for the older models (541 and C-V8). Although UK based, today it boasts a worldwide membership of approximately 1400. It is the world's largest and oldest Jensen club and caters to all types of Jensens.


Jensen Healey Preservation Society

Formed in 1990, the JHPS was known until 1992 as the Southern California Jensen–Healey Owners’ Association. In 1994, it amalgamated with the Los Angeles Area Jensen Healey Owners Club and today the California based society has a worldwide membership of approximately 500. 


Jensen Car Club of Switzerland

Formed in 1996 from an amalgamation of the Jensen Owners’ Association (est. 1989) and the Jensen Owners Club of Switzerland (est. 1984) .


Jensen Owners of Canada

Catering to Jensen owners in Canada.


Het Jensen Genootschap (The Jensen Society)

Formed in 1981, Het Jensen Genootschap caters not only to owners in the Netherlands but to Jensen enthusiasts worldwide.


Jensen Owners Club of Norway

Formed in the early 2000s, the club caters to Norwegian, Scandinavian and international Jensen enthusiasts.


Jensen Car Club of Australia

Formed in 1987 through an amalgamation of the Jensen Interceptor Car Club of Victoria (est. 1981) and the Jensen–Healey Owners Club (est. 1983). It caters principally to Australian enthusiasts but has members in New Zealand and elsewhere.


The Jensen Museum

Established by FF guru Ulric Woodhams, the Jensen Museum will be of interest to enthusiasts of all types of Jensen.