Some of the more sacrilegious among my mates in the Jensen-owning community have described my databook as the Jensen "bible" and my goodself as the "god" of the Jensen world. Personally, I wouldn't go to such extremes but have a look at these unsolicited comments. Some of these are real rippers, especially when you consider I didn't have to pay for them.

Want more?

And from some of you who paid actual money for it ...

" ... loved it, especially the wide format ... excellent ... amazing ... looking forward to the
next volumes ... a tremendous job ... bloody terrific, a real credit to you ... really excellent,
a tremendous amount of work ... an incredible work ... spent hours reading it, love it ...
... bravo for an exceptional book ... an absolutely splendid book, you deserve the highest
praise for what you are doing ... really appreciate what you are doing ... wish you well in
your historic recording efforts ... you are to be congratulated ... an admirable project and
I look forward immensely to the next volume"

And my all-time favourite? "The mutt's plums!" Thanks Steve.

So what are you waiting for? Go get a copy!

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Richard Calver

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